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       Welcome to OT 4 ME!

       5 Ways to Get Your Kids Moving

       Playing Hide and Seek With Toys - Post 1/5 of the Get Your Kids Moving Series

       What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

       Pick Video Games that Require Motion - Post 2/5 of the "Get Your Kids Moving" Series

       Don't Fast Forward Through Commercials - Post 3/5 of the "Get Your Kids Moving" Series

       Fit 4 You Program

       Set Up an Obstacle Course - Post 4/5 of the "Get Your Kids Moving" Series

       Fruit and Veggie Filled Mickey Ice Cream

       How can occupational therapists (OTs) help children with weight gain and/or obesity?

       What's the deal with telehealth (virtual therapy)?

       How will social distancing affect our kid's health?

       How does weight impact your kid's occupations?

       Weight's impact on activities of daily living (ADLs)

       Weight's impact on IADLS (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living)

       How can weight impact a child's play / leisure?

       Sleep, Weight and OT

       Weight's Impact on Kid's Education

       How Weight Can Interfere with Socialization

       Why Doesn't My Child Want to Play Outside

       My Kid is Always Hungry

       Why Won't My Kids Eat Their Veggies

       Strategies OTs Use to Get Kids Moving

       I've Never Heard About OT for Health Promotion

       How Balanced Is Your Kid's Day

       Healthy at Home Habits for Back-to-School

       Establishing Healthy Eating Routines for Back-to-School

       Teen Video Game Scavenger Hunt

       Physical Activity Routines for Back-to-School

       Stress Management Routines for Back-to-School

       Sleep Routines for Back-to-School

       Ways to Calm Kids Down Using Vestibular Input



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