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Why Won’t My Kid Eat Their Veggies?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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Do you spend every night carefully preparing your family’s dinner, only for your kids to turn their noses up at that meal?

Do you feel like you try new recipes, new vegetables, and new methods to coax them into eating said vegetables?

This can be really upsetting. It can lead to fighting at the dinner table, crying kids, and upset teens.

But did you know there could actually be underlying reasons for why kids don’t want to eat vegetables?

And that by using a tailored approach, you could get them to eat the vegetables they dislike the most WITHOUT the fighting?

Sounds like a dream…

Let’s talk about some of the top reasons for veggie refusals:

1. It looks weird – when you go to a restaurant, and they bring out your meal, the first thing you do is decide how it looks. Is it crunchy, soggy, messy, or beautifully plated? Guess what, your kids do too. If they’re looking at a big pile of steamed spinach, chances are they don’t think it looks too appealing. If they are grossed out by just the look of the food, if may be hard to motivate them to take a bite.

2. There’s too much – Kids can get overwhelmed and scared when presented with large quantities of a non-preferred food. Small pieces and quantities appear much more manageable, and friendly.

3. They’re not used to it – If it’s a new veggie, it may take your child a little while to get use to the look, smell, and taste of a new vegetable. We usually try to encourage about 10 different exposures in DIFFERENT ways to get children used to just one vegetable.

4. It feels funny in their mouth – Ever tried a food and immediately wanted to gag? Your child may be experiencing something similar when eating vegetables. We all process sensory information in a different way, so your child may be having a hard time with certain textures in their mouth.

5. They don’t have the motor skills yet – Kids develop motor skills in a pattern, that allows them to eat certain foods. Many vegetables happen to be foods that require COMPLEX motor skills. If your child has underdeveloped or uncoordinated muscles in and around their mouth, their core, they may not be prepared to eat these vegetables quite yet.

If this sounds like your child, OT 4 ME CAN HELP! Schedule a free lifestyle consultation to talk about OT 4 ME’s approach to helping your child eat their vegetables. You can also learn some tips and tricks by downloading our FREE8 Tips to Getting Your Kid to Eat Vegetables” E-book.

If you are ready to get started right away, give us a call at 561-223-1602.

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