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Sleep Routines for Back-to-School

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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Are your child’s or teen’s sleep habits all over the place since the onset of coronavirus? In Florida, school closed around the beginning of April, then it was summer, then school started virtually, and now some kids are back in the classroom. Kids haven’t had much consistency to their day. But now, life seems to be settling down a bit, and creating a consistent sleep routine can help your child’s overall well-being and health.

Sleep gives our body a time to reset and get ready for the next day. It keeps us focused, happy, and engaged. We all what it feels like to have a “bad” night of sleep and then wake up feeling groggy or grumpy. For kids, they might have a harder time paying attention in class, act out, or be very quiet.

Today, I’m going to give you some ideas about how to form a consistent sleep routine for your children. This routine gives our body predictability. That way, it knows when we are starting to wind down for the day, and when we need to wake up. This can lead to more restful nights of sleep and waking up more refreshed.

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First, here’s a couple sleep time routines that can help your child wind down for bed:

- Waking up and going to bed at the same time everyday

- Avoiding screen 1-2 hours before bed – it has become well known that blue light can interfere with your sleep/wake cycle

- Dim the lights to decrease sensory input

- Read bedtime stories, or have your teen read a book in bed

- Take a warm bath

What you can do to help your kids/teens sleep through the night

- Avoid drinks right before bed, to avoid midnight bathroom trips

- Keep the room cool

- Try a weighted blanket

- Limit naps during the day

- Make sure your child moves each day – If you need an easy idea try our Video Game Scavenger Hunt

- Try blackout curtains if the light from outside bothers them

What do you think? Which one will you try? What bedtime routines do you have in your house that work for your family?

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