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Picky Eater Test – Should You Get Help?

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When you have a picky eater, mealtime is challenging.

Most often I hear that parents:

- Feel like a short order cook, cooking 5 different options in hope that your child will eat one.

- Have tried EVERYTHING to “get” their kid to eat.

- Haven’t found one consistent thing that works.

- Are “running out of money” because they spend so much on food.

- Are exhausted from the constant mealtime struggles.

Do any of these sound like you?

Have you been told by family and friends that your picky eater will “grow out of it?”

Have you been anxiously waiting and waiting for that day…but it never seems to come? Maybe you’ve started to consider if you should get PROFESSIONAL HELP with your picky eater.

I’m guessing you might have turned to a trusted family member for advice. They may have told you to “wait and see” or that you “just need to discipline your child more.”

But maybe in your gut you’ve felt like you need some outside help.

The checklist below describes some COMMON concerns and red flags that indicate it might be time to reach out to a professional!

***Of course, these are just a couple reasons and not a comprehensive list.

- Your child has been admitted to the hospital due to concerns arising from their eating (blood levels, weight, etc).

- Your child has been diagnosed with failure to thrive or feeding difficulties.

- Your child eats less than 20-30 types of foods.

- Your child requires their food to look, taste, or feel a certain manner EVERYTIME in order to eat it.

- Your child eliminates entire food groups.

- Your child almost always eats a different meal than the rest of the family.

- You are concerned about the quantity they are eating or their adequate nutrition.

- No matter what you, you feel like “it’s not working.”

- Your child hates to get their hands or face messy.

- Your child frequently gags or throws up at meals.

- Your child throws tantrums at most meals.

- Your child refuses to sit at the table with the rest of the family during mealtime.

- Your child is “running out of foods” because they have stopped eating even their “safe foods”

- Your child refuses to eat certain food textures.

- You and/or your child dread mealtime.

Did any of the above apply to your family? The good news is, there are specialists who can help! For example: Occupational therapists, speech therapists, and registered dietitians.

If you want to get on the phone with an occupational therapist and discuss your personal concerns in detail, simply fill out this simple form or call/text 561-223-1620 to set up a time to chat! We don’t want you to worry any longer than you have to!

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