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Pick Board Games that Promote Movement – Post 5/5 of the “Get Your Kids Moving” Series.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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Kids just want to have fun! In my occupational therapy sessions in South Florida, I frequently choose board games to work on gross motor skills because kids are usually more motivated to do their best when it's a game.

This week’s “Get Your Kids Moving” tip is to choose games for your house that incorporate movement. This is especially useful during social distancing. Since kids can’t leave the house to get exercise, movement board games can give you a fun way to do some exercise in the house or even in the backyard.

I'm sharing my 5 favorite movement “board games” that I use during our therapy sessions. I've linked them to their Amazon listings, to make it easy for you to find.

1. Yogarilla: This is one of my favorites! Yogarilla is a stack of cards that pictures a gorilla doing yoga. Kids are supposed to copy the movement that the gorilla is doing without losing their balance. On the back of the cards, they also give suggestions about how to make the pose easier or harder. The cards are also divided into different categories: belly, hands and knees, back, sitting, standing, breathing, and with a partner. We like doing yoga with children to work on body awareness, strength, motor planning, and even calming.

2. Twister: This old time favorite is a great movement activity. You spin the board and have to match your hand/foot to the designated color. It can help kids work on body awareness, lateralization (knowing sides of their body), and strength!

3. The Floor is Lava: The floor is lava takes imaginary play and makes it real! Instead of having kids jump all around your furniture, this “lava” is safer. The game includes floor pieces in different colors and movement cards. The kids spin the board, have to jump the designated color, and then perform an action. It can help work on reading, jumping, motor planning, and balance.

4. Wiggle & Giggle: This is a silly way to get your kids moving. This game uses different color balls and a spinner to designate an action. Your kid spins the board, chooses the correct ball colors, and then has to do a specific action while holding the ball. It can help work on body awareness, color matching, motor planning, and coordination.

5. The Cat in the Hat - "I can do that" game: This game is similar to Wiggle & Giggle. In this game, there are three piles of cards that you choose from. One designates an action, one designates an object, and one designates the placement of that object. You then have to “do what the cards say” with the “Track-a-ma-stick.” This game can work on reading, body awareness, motor planning, and comprehension.

What other board games do you guys use to incorporate movement? I am always looking for some new ones to add to our collection.

Looking for more ways to get your kids moving? Check out the "Let's Get Moving" board on Pinterest.

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