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Holiday Gifts to Buy for Kids Aged 6+ Years Old

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Happy holiday season! Thanksgiving has officially past and holiday season is in full swing. Which means, parents have begun the search for the perfect gift for their children.

This is the perfect time to pick out a gift that also helps your child improve their development and skills! Which is why I decided to release gift guides this year!

Last month I released gift guides for:

0-3 months old

3-6 months old

6 months – 2 years old

3-5 years old

Today, we are talking about gifts for kids 6 and older. At this point, many of the gifts start to overlap, so I’ve divided this guide by topic instead of age.

Movement/Gross Motor

Nerf guns

Although these toys get a bad rap, they are can be very helpful for getting kids moving. Nerf guns allow a fun way to get up and running. Just make sure to set some family rules to keep everyone safe. There’s an array of ideas on Pinterest for how to use nerf guns to work on coordination and skills!

Stepping Stones

Want to challenge your child’s balance and strength? These stepping stones are such a fun addition to any obstacle course or outside game. See if your kid can make it all the way across without losing their balance.


These are a favorite in the OT clinic. Kids love sticking them on the window/table and pulling them off. You’d be surprised how tough it is, which can help improve upper body strength!

The Floor is Lava

This “board” game is so much fun to play with your kiddos. In this game you have to jump to a specific colored floor piece and do a gross motor movement without losing your balance!

Wiggle and Giggle

This game is exactly as it sounds – get wiggling while giggling. I’ve had kids request this game every single time they come to sessions!

Educational Insights Alpha Catch Phonics Game

It’s interesting how changing your approach to learning can sometimes help improve kid’s ability. This game combines phonics with throwing to help kids have fun and take the pressure off learning letters.

Kidzlane Dance Mat

This one is a personal favorite, and a great option for those who do not have video game consoles in the house. It is similar to Dance Dance Revolution, and prompts you to step on the arrow that lights up. It is an extremely fun way to get kids moving and improving their coordination.

Yoga Dice

Yoga is wonderful way to improve kid’s strength, coordination, and stress management. All you have to do is throw these dice and copy the motion!

Simon Says Game

Remember Simon Says? Here’s an electronic version! This game takes the pressure off of having to figure out the movements, and lets you play together and get laughing!

Bowling Pins

Many of us aren’t going bowling right now due to social distancing and coronavirus. So why not get bowling at home? Bowling is a fun way to get off the video games and moving!

Fine Motor/Visual Motor

Pop Up Pirate In this game, your child has to use their fine motor skills and strength to pull out the swords. When you find the “wrong” sword, the pirate pops out! It can take you by surprise though, so make sure to warn your child.

Grill Play Set Game

Using tweezers in an awesome way to work on fine motor strength. This game lets children copy their parent’s grilling techniques and pick up food off the grill!

Crazy Cereal Game

Does your child have a hard time holding their spoon? This is the game for you! It lets kids practice scooping and holding items on their spoon without the pressure of eating.

Rainbow Counting Bears

These counting bears have been at every facility I’ve worked at – and for a good reason! They are super cute, and can be used for an array of skills including counting, sorting, and manipulation.

Mosaic Pegboard

This mosaic pegboard is a fun way to work on matching colors and hand strength. You have to fill in the picture with the right peg color, and push it in until it clicks!

Lego Sets

Lego sets are helpful for fine motor skills. Even at my age my hands can get tired after doing legos for a long time. They take precise movements and strength!


In this game, kids have to hurry up and match the shapes before their time runs out! It challenges their visual skills and makes them use small movements of their hands to fit the piece accurately in their spot.


Does your child want to be a doctor? Help them increase those fine motor skills with this fun game! Using tweezers they have to pick up the small items and remove them from the board.

Independent Skills

Farmers Market and Cashier

What better way to practice money management than by playing? Your child gets to pretend to be cashier and learn to count money all at the same time.

Time Game

Learning to tell time can be stressful for children. Using a game can help remove the pressure, so they can better focus on learning.


Learning letters, numbers, and reading can be difficulty for some children. This can lead to frustration both for the parent and the child. I prefer to use fun toys and games to help! The ones below are some of my favorites:

ABC Cookies

Alphabet Go Fish

Sight Words Pizza

Sentence Building Dominos

Alphabet Alligators

Alpha Pops

Magnetic Alphabet Maze

Number Pops

Tell me – what toys did I miss? What have you purchased for your children this year?

Looking forward to hearing!


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