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Holiday Gifts to Buy for Infants and Babies Aged 3-6 months

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Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I know I have. I’m surprised at how many great deals are out right now.

Last week, I released my gift guide for infants aged 0-3 months. This week, I’m introducing my gift guide for babies aged 3-6 months!

This list is a compilation of my favorite toys based age, developmental needs, or fun.

The hope is that this makes holiday shopping just a bit easier for you!

As I mentioned in the last blog, there are simply too many wonderful toys, therefore this blog post is broken into a series by age. Each week I will release a different age group, so be sure to subscribe to get them straight to your inbox! At the end, I’ll put them all together for you in one big download.

To make it simple and easy, each toy is linked to an Amazon or Target Listings (not sponsored).

A lot of the toys mentioned in the last blog are great for this age. I just use them differently.

At 3-6 months, some of the skills babies learn are:

- Forearm weight bearing

- Holding head and trunk in sitting

- Hands to midline

- Tracking across midline

- Playing on side

- Starting to roll

- Playing with feet

- Reaching

- Transferring toys between hands

- Shaking toy

- Some grasping

- Starting to eat

Toys for this age:

Soft Baby Sock Toys Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders:

At this age, babies start to explore and play with their feet! These foot rattles are the perfect way to get them moving and grabbing those feet.

Bright Starts Rattle & Shake Barbell Toy:

This small rattle is lightweight and has little beads inside that encourage babies learn to shake, bring their hands to midline, transfer between hands, and reach.

O ball Classic Ball:

The holes on this ball makes it easy for little fingers to purposefully or accidentally hold onto it. It is also extremely light, making it perfect for babies to learn grasping, transferring, and midline orientation.

O ball Rattle:

Like the classic O ball, this toy is perfect for little hands to grasp. But, this one also has shakers!

Crinkly Books:

Crinkly books are a fun way to keep babies’ attention while learning language and reading. Since they’re made out of fabric, your little one can throw them around and tug on them without worrying about them breaking!

Stacking Bins:

These are easy to grasp and come in lots of bright colors for babies. They are perfect for working on holding an object in each hand without letting go, bringing them together, and sitting.

Tummy Time Mirror:

Babies loveee looking at themselves in the mirror! This will keep them extra motivated for tummy time, and might even get them smiling at themselves :)

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magical Lights Fishbowl:

This toy is geared more toward the 6 months +, but it a wonderful motivator for improving reaching and grasping skills. It has a big hole in the middle, making it an easy target to refine skills as babies start to get towards the 6-9 month age.

LeapFrog’s Scout’s Learning Lights Remote:

This small toy is a great option to use while working on rolling due to its small size. It lights up and makes sounds when the button is pressed, which babies love! It is also great for teaching little ones to push buttons and understand cause/effect as they grow (it’s actually recommended for 6 months+, but can be used earlier for visual skills).

Disney Minnie Box Set:

We are avid Disney fans in my family. And this holiday themed Minnie set is absolutely adorable! The crinkle book is perfect to encourage hands to midline transferring.

Seated Learning Table:

It’s pretty hard to activate a toy while holding your baby in a seated position. But this learning center is the perfect height for your baby to sit and play while learning to sit up.

Tummy Time Mat:

A lot of babies avoid tummy time all together. It’s extra important to make tummy time fun and motivating! This fishy mat is always a favorite.

Tummy Time Mobile:

To be honest, I haven’t tried out this toy yet. But, it looks awesome! This seems like it would really keep a little one entertained on their belly.


I am always a fan of introducing books early to babies and kids.

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