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Holiday Gifts to Buy for Babies and Toddlers Aged 6 months - 2 years Old

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We are well into the month of November, and the holidays are fast approaching! Have you started your gifting yet?

Picking out gifts for kids can be difficult, that’s why I put together these gift guides for different age groups.

The past two weeks I released our gift guides for:

0-3 months old

3-6 months old

This week, we are continuing along with gifts for babies and toddlers aged 6-12 months and 1-2 years old. Since the holidays are fast approaching, I’ve combined this blog into one big post!

Let’s talk about milestones during this time period. Depending on your kid’s personality and development, some of these milestones may overlap, or happen sooner/later. Additionally, many of the toys overlap between ages.

Between 6-12 months, babies learn to:

Sit independently

Pivot on their belly

Commando crawl

Bear weight on hands and knees




Use a raking grasp to pick up small objects

Drink from a straw

Drink from a cup


Take things out of a container

Between 1- 2 years, toddlers learn to:

Scribble and imitate strokes

Do puzzles

Stack blocks

Put objects into containers

Turn pages of books

Help with dressing


Do stairs


Start pretend play

6-12 Months Toys:

Music Learning Table

It’s pretty hard to activate a toy while holding your baby in a seated position. But this learning center is the perfect height for your baby to sit and play while learning to sit up.

Bright Stars Lights and Colors Driver Baby Learning Toy

When babies first learn to sit, they usually take all of their energy just to keep sitting upright. Having a toy to play with in front of them encourages them to move dynamically and improve their overall strength. I like this toy because it is still tall, so they don’t have to reach quite as far to play until they are ready.

Skip, Hop, Explore & More Bumblebee Crawling Toy

This little bumblebee rolls away until you catch it and “take off” the ball. It’s a fun way to promote commando crawling, crawling, and walking! Plus, since it makes noise and spins when you take off the bumblebee, it helps you littles learn how to “put in” and “take out.”

Piano Floor Mat

Another fun way to get your baby crawling is with this piano floor mat. Since it makes noise as they crawl over it, they’ll be delighted to do it on their own.

Standing Activity Table

When babies are first learning to stand, they usually need something to help stabilize them, as well as some extra motivation! These types of learning tables are tons of fun for this purpose!

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

We got this one for my nephew, and it was the perfect encouragement to get him moving all around the house. You can use it both for sitting, and then for walking.

12 months - 2-year-old Toys:

Egg Shaped Crayons

When first learning to scribble, babies/toddlers use what we call a “gross grasp.” In other words, they use their whole hand to grasp. This egg shape helps them better be able to scribble while using this grasp.

Mess-Free Paper and Markers

Since kids start learning to scribble and imitate strokes at this age, it is the perfect time to buy some paper and markers. But, toddlers also love to scribble on the floor and on the walls! These mess-free options from Crayola are a great way to introduce coloring without your house becoming rainbow colored.

Mr. Bubbles Foam Soap

This is always a favorite at OT clinics. I use this frequently to help kids improve their sensory processing, and as a fun way to learn to scribble and copy shapes. Of course, make sure you are present while they are playing with this one to prevent them from putting it in their mouth.

Piggy Bank

At this age, kids are starting to learn to refine their movements. This piggy bank helps toddlers learn to problem solve by turning the coin the right way, as well as using fine motor skills to accurately place the coin in the slot.

3-Piece Puzzle

These Melissa & Doug puzzles are a staple in our clinics. Since kids this age are learning to match and refine their fine motor skills, we like using a 3-piece puzzle first. This makes the options smaller and the pieces big enough for them to manipulate.

Matching Eggs

My husband laughs because I get these eggs for every one of our friends kids. They are just so much fun and toddlers always love them! Each time you open an egg it’s a new surprise to find what is inside. It also targets an array of skills. First, kids learn just to take the eggs out of the box. Then they learn to open them, then match them, then close them as they get older. It’s also an extra skill to learn to open the carton!

VTech Count & Win Sports Center with Basketball and Soccer Ball

Toddlers just love to explore their environment. This newfound ability to walk opens up a whole new world! This basketball and soccer ball combo lets kids practice putting the ball in the hoop and kicking the soccer ball. Then, they get to explore an extra bit while they chase it around the room!


Trying to help your children new words? During this game you can ask kids to “find” a certain picture – like a cat, or apple. The game also changes for kids of older age!

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn My Smart Purse

Toddlers watch everything we do! And at this age, they start to copy and play pretend. Whether it’s wanting their own purse, using a credit card, or answering the phone, they want to do what you’re doing.

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