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Fruit and veggie filled Mickey Ice Cream

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Kids are more likely to try fruits and vegetables when they are introduced in a “fun” way (Hornbeck et al., 2019; McCormick et al., 2009). And what’s more fun than Mickey Ice Cream?

This is a great way to introduce new fruits and vegetables to kids, because it’s in a fun and familiar shape, and chocolate is a food that many children enjoy eating. If your child doesn’t like one of the ingredients, substitute it! If they like strawberries, make pink Mickey Ice Creams. I prefer to only introduce one type of new fruit or vegetable at a time, so kids don’t get overwhelmed.

If your child is old enough to follow safety instructions in the kitchen, you can also include your child in making the recipe. Just make sure the blender is unplugged whenever they are adding ingredients, and that little hands stay away when the blender is on. I also suggest that parents complete the chocolate portion of the recipe as it includes the stove.

This was my FAVORITE treat from Disney world, so this recipe holds a special place in my heart!

You can find the Mickey Ice Cream mold I used on Amazon. Don't forget to Pin this recipe for later :)

Recipe Makes – 3 Mickey Ice Creams

What you need:

· ½ cup of plain yogurt (may need to add more to make it more creamy)

· 1 frozen banana, chopped

· 1 cup peeled, chopped, and frozen cucumbers

· 1 tsp vanilla extract

· 4 TBSP chocolate chips

· ¾ Tsp coconut oil


1. Place frozen banana and frozen cucumber in an unplugged blender.

2. Pulse frozen produce in blender until they turn into shaved ice consistency.

3. Add yogurt and vanilla and blend on low until combined and creamy.

4. Pour into molds.

5. Freeze for 2-3 hours.

6. Place coconut oil into pot and place on low-medium heat on stove.

7. Add chocolate and melt (watch it carefully, because it can burn!). Turn off stove when melted.

8. Remove popsicles from mold and pour chocolate on top.

9. Place back in freezer until Mickey Ice Creams are ready!

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