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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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Motivating children to choose healthy lifestyles can be hard. For example, it can be frustrating for parents to encourage their kids to eat vegetables or turn off video games. While parents want their children to get plenty of exercise, sleep, and eat healthy foods, children just want to do things that are FUN.

The Fit 4 You program takes healthy and makes it FUN! Samantha has been working on developing the Fit 4 You throughout her doctoral program at Boston University. Our therapy services are based on the information she learned and created during her doctoral program. We work with you and your child to establish healthy lifestyle routines that they actually want to do. The Fit 4 You program was initially designed to help children diagnosed with overweight and obesity, but the principles apply to all children. This is especially evident during social distancing.

Due to “stay-at-home” orders, many children and teenagers are home 24/7. This leads to a total change in their daily routines and occupations. Parents have been connecting with us on social media, detailing their struggles of trying to get their children to turn off screens and spend time with the family. Samantha's Fit 4 You program is designed occupational therapists help find out what works for your child or teen.

Whether your child is experiencing stress or anxiety, having difficulty connecting with their family members, refusing to eat fruits and vegetables, or doesn’t want to engage in physical activity, OT 4 ME can help.

Some of the ways we can help include:

· Stress management: we can teach your child breathing techniques, kids yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation to improve their coping skills.

· Meal preparation: we can work with your child or teen on eating new fruits and vegetables by gradually introducing the food in ways they are excited about. We can also work with your child on being more independent in the kitchen, and preparing food.

· Fun ways to complete physical activity: we work with your child on choosing the activity that’s right for them, and working on coordination, motor planning, and endurance to help them be independent in that activity.

· Grocery shopping: we introduce how to read a food label, create grocery shopping lists, and navigating a grocery store.

· Locating community resources: we find resources (classes, food stores, etc) that fit your budget to help your child engage in healthy lifestyles.

·Leisure exploration: we help your child find activities that help them relax and have fun. This can range from gardening, to reading or even playing a musical instrument.

Samantha completes an in-depth evaluation to determine what is important to you and your child. Using this information, I help you form a plan to make being “healthy” that you and your child agree on.

Email Samantha@theot4me.com to learn more!

OT 4 ME is now also providing Telehealth services to people living in Florida so that you can participate in therapy services from the comfort of your own home. What is great about Telehealth is that you can show therapists exactly what supplies you have. That way, the treatment sessions can be tailored to fit your life.

I want to hear from you! What else would you like to see on the blog? I am constantly working on generating more content. Email samantha@theot4me.com, call or text 561-223-1620, or direct message OT 4 ME through Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram to share your ideas. You can also connect with me through the forms on our website.

We can make healthy fun together!



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